iSpot Talent Connecting Jobseekers With Employers Worldwide

photo 3Ever been in the rat race of finding a job only to get dead ends wherever you turn? Ever send out your resume over 30 times to employers only to get an automated message in your inbox to inform you: “We have received your application and will get back to you if your skill sets match what we are looking for”? It seems we put in a lot of effort to find the job of our dreams, and it appears to take FOREVER. Well stop sending your resume out a million times through and try a new way of applying.


Introducing iSpot Talent a new app for your iOS or Android devices to help you land the job that you want. It’s the first of its kind, an employment agency at your fingertips. A different alternative to finding jobs on the Internet brought to you through an app on your phone. The difference is you don’t have to put out your resume over a dozen times to different employers. You only need to send it once!

What is iSpot Talent?

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iSpot Talent takes the middleman out of job seeking and lets you share your CV/Resume and Video with a wide range of employers. It lets employers see what you have to offer and allows you to directly contact employers who are on the iSpot Talent app. You simply add TAGS to your profile to help identify your talent to employers. You get a full detailed list of all employers and you can contact them directly through the iSpot Talent app CHAT.


Why iSpot Talent?


We put you in touch with the employers directly. No more hidden contact information for employers. We are completely different than the average employment seeking websites out there. We are truly interested in taking the hassle out of job seeking because we understand how hard and frustrating it can be. We want to give you the very best opportunity to showcase your skills and talents and get you in front of the right employers. It is important to us that you can find a job by getting in touch with the right kind of people. We want you to succeed!




How It Works:

  • Download the app iSpot Talent for Apple or Android through Google Play or iPhone App Store.
  • Signup and Open your account
  • Upload your CV/Resume or Video and Tag it
  • Post your video or CV or both to your profile
  • We then check it, upload it and make it available to employers.

That’s it!


Or you can register now by visiting

and sign up for a free 7-day trial.







iSpot Talent for Employer

The iSpot Talent app is also an excellent tool for employers too. Perhaps you need a new hire within the month and need a certain kind of person for the job. iSpot Talent can help!


Employer features include:

  • Allowing employers to upload potential employee videos from the profiles directly.
  • Giving employers direct access to potentials contact information and put them in touch with those potentials via CHAT in the iSpot Talent forum.
  • Get access to the history of conversations with potential employees on their profiles directly.
  • Check messages you’ve received.
  • Search any person by their talent Tag. iSpot provides employers with an easier way of finding and hiring potential employees easily. Employers search and contact candidates directly, instead of waiting for potentials to find them.

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spot Talent Gives Job Seekers the Chance to Broadcast Their Talent Worldwide and Get Hired


iSpot Talent has officially released a powerful new app that gives job seekers direct contact with employers around the world. The new iSpotTalent app lets anyone become their own employment agent on a global stage.

Online Sources, December 3, 2015 – iSpot Talent has today announced the official availability of the developer’s new employment app, providing job seekers with a direct connection to employers worldwide.

“We created the iSpot Talent app to help level the playing field and make connecting with employers in any field, simpler, easier and faster,” stated Freddie Williams CEO iSpot Talent. “The app delivers powerful capabilities to get talented people noticed by today’s top employers.”

The new iSpot Talent app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Job seekers also enjoy an incredibly streamlined process that sacrifices nothing. They simply need to download the app, open their account and create a profile, and then they’re able to upload their CV, a video, or both right to their profile for the utmost in terms of visibility.

iSpot Talent’s team will check all videos for compatibility with the platform, then upload and make them available for employers worldwide to view. For a limited time only, iSpot Talent is offering a free 7-day trial for job seekers – that’s a savings of $4.99 per month. This offer ends 12-12-2015, so interested job hunters should hurry to take advantage of the savings.

This global platform is an ideal solution for job seekers in almost any industry or niche, from chefs to electricians to professional and amateur athletes. iSpot Talent provides potential employees with a tremendous amount of visibility, positioning their CV and/or video in front of top employers from businesses around the world.

The new app is also useful for employers – hirers pay only $34.99 for the recommended usage tier, which provides them with access to a global pool of qualified job candidates in almost any field. Employers can also take advantage of the platform’s unique featured job advertisement capability.

“Our app is a truly revolutionary concept, providing job seekers with the ability to become their own employment agent and get noticed by the top employers on the planet,” Mr. Williams added.

To learn more about iSpot Talent, visit

Press Release | iSpot talent


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iSpot Talent, The Next Generation Search and Hire Platform

iSpot Talent is a one-stop job center app for iOS and Android devices that allows the user to advertise their CV/Resume and/or Video to the world for FREE! Two parties benefit from this application: Employer and Employee. iSpot Talent aims to simplify the application process by offering a push button delivery service to employers all over the world.


iSpot Talent is a unique application because it eliminates the need for a middleman allowing both the employee and employer to connect directly with each other. The application allows users to directly contact anyone matching their skill set needs by providing a list of matches with their contact information.


Other benefits of the app include:

For people seeking work, they only need to send out one Resume/CV and/or Video to show who they are, then add talent/skill tags to get more exposure. We will then check their upload and get it out there for employers to see.

Employers and Employees can connect directly with contacts via the iSpot Talent chat forum. Be able to view chat history on their profile and check messages they’ve received.

Employers can interview and hire as many employees as they need at no extra cost.


How To Get iSpot Talent


Employees –

To sign up all they need to do is download the application through Google Play or the Apple App store, sign up and post their resume/cv and/or video.

Then they can use all the tools iSpot Talent has to offer.


Employers –

Download application through Google Play or the Apple App store, sign up and start checking for potential employees by searching for specific talent tags or check uploaded employee videos from their profile.


Or go to and download there.