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iSpot Talent, The Next Generation Search and Hire Platform

iSpot Talent is a one-stop job center app for iOS and Android devices that allows the user to advertise their CV/Resume and/or Video to the world for FREE! Two parties benefit from this application: Employer and Employee. iSpot Talent aims to simplify the application process by offering a push button delivery service to employers all over the world.


iSpot Talent is a unique application because it eliminates the need for a middleman allowing both the employee and employer to connect directly with each other. The application allows users to directly contact anyone matching their skill set needs by providing a list of matches with their contact information.


Other benefits of the app include:

For people seeking work, they only need to send out one Resume/CV and/or Video to show who they are, then add talent/skill tags to get more exposure. We will then check their upload and get it out there for employers to see.

Employers and Employees can connect directly with contacts via the iSpot Talent chat forum. Be able to view chat history on their profile and check messages they’ve received.

Employers can interview and hire as many employees as they need at no extra cost.


How To Get iSpot Talent


Employees –

To sign up all they need to do is download the application through Google Play or the Apple App store, sign up and post their resume/cv and/or video.

Then they can use all the tools iSpot Talent has to offer.


Employers –

Download application through Google Play or the Apple App store, sign up and start checking for potential employees by searching for specific talent tags or check uploaded employee videos from their profile.


Or go to and download there.


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