spot Talent Gives Job Seekers the Chance to Broadcast Their Talent Worldwide and Get Hired


iSpot Talent has officially released a powerful new app that gives job seekers direct contact with employers around the world. The new iSpotTalent app lets anyone become their own employment agent on a global stage.

Online Sources, December 3, 2015 – iSpot Talent has today announced the official availability of the developer’s new employment app, providing job seekers with a direct connection to employers worldwide.

“We created the iSpot Talent app to help level the playing field and make connecting with employers in any field, simpler, easier and faster,” stated Freddie Williams CEO iSpot Talent. “The app delivers powerful capabilities to get talented people noticed by today’s top employers.”

The new iSpot Talent app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Job seekers also enjoy an incredibly streamlined process that sacrifices nothing. They simply need to download the app, open their account and create a profile, and then they’re able to upload their CV, a video, or both right to their profile for the utmost in terms of visibility.

iSpot Talent’s team will check all videos for compatibility with the platform, then upload and make them available for employers worldwide to view. For a limited time only, iSpot Talent is offering a free 7-day trial for job seekers – that’s a savings of $4.99 per month. This offer ends 12-12-2015, so interested job hunters should hurry to take advantage of the savings.

This global platform is an ideal solution for job seekers in almost any industry or niche, from chefs to electricians to professional and amateur athletes. iSpot Talent provides potential employees with a tremendous amount of visibility, positioning their CV and/or video in front of top employers from businesses around the world.

The new app is also useful for employers – hirers pay only $34.99 for the recommended usage tier, which provides them with access to a global pool of qualified job candidates in almost any field. Employers can also take advantage of the platform’s unique featured job advertisement capability.

“Our app is a truly revolutionary concept, providing job seekers with the ability to become their own employment agent and get noticed by the top employers on the planet,” Mr. Williams added.

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